What to Look for In High-Mileage Used Nissans

July 21st, 2021 by

A man and his dog loading up the back of a 2021 Nissan Rogue parked in residential driveway

At Zeigler Nissan of Gurnee, we offer a vast inventory of used cars, some of which may be older or higher-mileage vehicles. But what do you need to look for when shopping for a high-mileage used Nissan vehicle?

Here’s a checklist of what to look for with these cars.


Which models are the best fit for your needs? Which have the best reliability scores? These are important things to check before deciding which type of used Nissan to search for.

Compare Prices

There are sure to be plenty of models of the used car you want on the market. Check out the car’s Kelly Blue Book value so you have a basis for comparison and know what to expect at your Illinois Nissan dealership.

View the History Report

A reputable dealership will have a vehicle history report for you to review. This report contains data such as how many owners the vehicle has had, if the car has been correctly maintained, what service issues it has experienced, and if it’s been in any accidents.

Inspect the Car Thoroughly

Go around the outside and look for signs of damage or wear. Look under the vehicle for any rust or other issues. Look inside and make sure the interior is clean and well-maintained.

Test the Interior Equipment

Be sure to test out all the available features including the stereo, air conditioning and heat, powered windows and seats, and anything else the vehicle offers.

Look Under the Hood

Especially for used vehicles, you’ll want to make sure the engine and other crucial mechanics are in good condition. Check the oil level and other fluids to ensure they’re at the proper level.

Test Drive

It’s extremely important to get behind the wheel of a used car to ensure everything runs well and feels good. Brakes, tires, steering, turning, acceleration, and more are all vital to check for.

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