Top 10 Nissan Maintenance Tasks for Your Vehicle

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When it comes to Nissan maintenance, it can be hard for some drivers to realize the full breadth and depth of what caring for your vehicle entails. If this sounds like you, here is your complete guide to vehicle maintenance to help your vehicle stay healthy on the road.

10. Fluid Refill

The level of your vehicle’s brake, transmission, and power steering fluids diminishes with use on the road, which can lead to unnecessary stress on each system. These fluids need to be topped off on each service visit.

9. Air Filter Replacement

Air filters can accumulate dirt and debris over time, making them less effective. While these filters don’t require a Nissan part replacement on every service visit, it’s always a good idea to get them checked.

8. Tire Rotation

Nissan tires wear down at different rates depending on which vehicle they are placed on. Not only does this compromise your tires’ traction, but it can also have an effect on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and suspension.

7. Multi-Point Inspection

Just like we humans require a yearly checkup to track our health, our vehicles require multi-point inspections to track theirs. A simple inspection can catch a potential issue before it becomes more problematic, and thus should be performed every now and then on your vehicle.

6. Brake Check

This one should go without saying, but the health of your vehicle’s brakes is vital to your safety! Ensuring your vehicle’s brakes are in proper working order could save your life down the road.

5. Battery Test

As the component that starts your vehicle, you certainly won’t get very far with a malfunctioning battery. Ensure that you’re never left stranded by a dead battery by getting it tested during your next service visit.

4. Transmission Service

Vehicle transmissions are quite complicated and demand special attention to stay functional. Drivers will notice a funky transmission immediately, but this can be prevented with regular inspections from a technician.

3. Emissions Test

In most states, new vehicles are required to pass an emissions test in order to be registered with the state. These tests can be done at dealership service centers or other mechanic shops.

2. Wiper Blade Replacement

You may not realize that your wiper blades are out of commission until you really need them. A simple replacement can ensure you’re always able to see the road ahead even in the worst conditions.

1. Oil Change

You’ve heard it a million times before, but you’re going to hear it once more. Get your vehicle’s oil changed! Failure to do so can shave years off of your vehicle’s lifespan, so don’t wait to get your oil changed until it’s too late!

When your Nissan vehicle is ready for service and maintenance, head to the service center at Zeigler Nissan of Gurnee.

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