Questions to Ask Before Financing your Vehicle

Buying a new car is an important investment that you should think through. Our Nissan finance center here at Zeigler Nissan of Gurnee is committed to providing you with great service and detailed information about financing a car with us. Today, we will discuss the questions you should ask before financing your vehicle.

What Is a Reasonable Budget?

First, we recommend sitting down with your financial documents to assess your current financial situation and determine a budget for your down payment and monthly payments. Once you have a budget confirmed, that can help narrow the search for Nissan cars that fit your budget. At this time, it can also be helpful to gather your financial documents so you’re can easily apply for financing in the near future.

We offer an online car payment calculator that you can use to estimate monthly car payment to get an idea of what you can expect to pay on a monthly basis.

Is Vehicle Trade-In a Good Option?

One way to add money to your budget is to trade-in your current vehicle. Take a moment to value your trade-in online to get an idea of how much your vehicle can earn for you.

Would You Rather Buy or Lease?

Buying a car is more expensive at first but is a good investment in the long term. Leasing, however, is a good option for those who drive less and want the ability to change out your car every two to three years. Additionally, leasing tends to have lower down payments or monthly payments.

What Kind of Car Do You Want?

Now it’s time for the fun part of car shopping: picking out the new car you want. At this point, you should consider your budgets along with cargo and passenger space needs.

Can You Apply for Financing from Home?

Good news, you can apply for Nissan financing from anywhere using our user-friendly online form. Once we receive your form, one of our representatives will reach out to talk about the next steps in the financing process. When you’re ready to pick out your car, come visit our dealership for a test drive.

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