Nissan Parts 101: Alternator

August 5th, 2022 by

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Every time you drive your Nissan vehicle, a bunch of Nissan parts are working together to get you to where you need to go safely. One part you may not think about often is the alternator, but here at Zeigler Nissan of Gurnee we know just how important this Nissan component can be. In fact, without a working alternator your car is not going anywhere.

What an Alternator Does

Your alternator helps keep your car going while the engine is running. The battery in your car helps it start up in the first place, but the alternator does most of the work powering electrical systems in your car once you get out on the road.

The alternator helps supply power to the headlights, power windows, and the radio. It even helps keep the battery charged. It works by turning mechanical energy into electrical energy. When your car is on, a pulley turns the alternator’s rotor shaft and begins generating alternating current, or A/C. Then the alternator’s rectifier converts that into D/C power that can be used by your vehicle’s electrical systems.

Signs of Alternator Trouble

In many cases, you can go through your car’s entire lifetime without worrying about the alternator needing repairs or replacements. However, sometimes an issue can be caused by heat damage, exposure to water, faulty components, or other issues.

It’s still important to look for signs of trouble. If you notice that your lights are dim or overly bright or if you have issues starting your car, you may want a professional to look at your vehicle and your alternator.

If you notice any signs of mechanical trouble, don’t panic. Schedule an appointment at our Nissan service center in Lindenhurst, IL. Our factory-trained mechanics are ready to help you with all of your maintenance and repair needs.

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