Nissan Must-Haves: Three Travel Accessories

September 5th, 2021 by

Tactical Green 2022 Nissan Frontier on a rocky river

At Zeigler Nissan of Gurnee, we want you to have the best user experience possible in your new Nissan car. Whether you use your car primarily for shorter local drives or long-term trips, there are plenty of OEM Nissan parts and accessories you can upgrade to enhance your time behind the wheel. Here are our three favorite Nissan accessories for traveling.

Sturdy Floor Mats

It may seem basic, but a good floor mat and cargo protector can do wonders for the condition of your car. Traveling means lots of in-and-out of the car, as well as fast-food meals scarfed down behind the wheel. Whether it’s saving your interior from muddy boots or a spilled coffee, it’s well worth the investment.

Car Organizers

If you keep a lot of items in your vehicle on a regular basis, an organizer is a great way to keep things in their place and avoid clutter. Whether it’s for the cargo area, on the back of a seat, or in the foot space, organizers come in many shapes and sizes—and some even have perks like coolers so you don’t always have to stop for a cold drink or snack.

Roof Racks and Boxes

Probably one of the most common upgrades for folks who travel with excess gear, roof racks and cargo boxes are a quick way to significantly up the amount of useable space in your Nissan car. Whether you’re strapping your kayaks to the racks, or packing the box full of camping gear, these add-ons are sure to get frequent use from the road-tripping driver. 

Order Online

The best part is, it’s no hassle to upgrade your Nissan car. Just use our simple online form to order your desired accessories right to our IL Nissan dealership, and our Nissan service center can install them for you on-site. Visit our website to get started today.

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